Add Wow-Factor To Your Holiday Home

Add Wow-Factor To Your Holiday Home

When you own a holiday let, often it is the little things that make all the difference for your guests. Competition is stiff and in the age of internet reviews adding some extra wow-factor is more important than ever.

Of course, as a landlord, you also want to make money and you don't want to decrease your profit margin by spending too much on unnecessary items. However, there are many ways in which you can make your holiday home really special without spending too much.

Food and drink

There aren't many people who can't be won over by some good food and drink. A small welcome pack doesn't have to cost much, but will be a really nice surprise for your guests. A bottle of wine, some fruit, or breakfast items will ensure that when your guests arrive they won't be hungry.

Consider who is staying

Set your holiday home up to cater for who is staying. If there is a family staying then leave some games or toys out, so the kids will be occupied while the parents unpack. If you have a group of friends celebrating a birthday, a banner and balloons will be a wonderful surprise. Or, if there is a hen party staying in your holiday home, pick up a few hen accessories and leave a bottle of Cava in the fridge.

Small gestures such as this will be very much appreciated and will show that you have gone to a lot of care and effort to make your guests' stay a good one.

Keep it local

No one wants to go on holiday to a new place and feel that they have missed out on what the locality has to offer. Rather than just generic leaflets, leave specific recommendations for good restaurants and coffee shops and suggest places to explore that tourists may not otherwise visit.

If your area is famous for certain foods or drink, provide some tasters for your guests.

Let the guests contribute

Put up a pin board and encourage guests to leave their own recommendations and photos. It can be really fun to read about what guests have got up to and it can provide inspiration for other guests.

Paid for extras

Not all your added extras have to be free, adding extra special services can be another way of making money. At Crown Gardens in Brighton, we run a selection of packages with local suppliers, from make overs to treasure hunts. These not only provide our guests with some inspiration, but also give them a really special and memorable treat. By choosing good local suppliers you can be sure that they will receive the best possible service, which means they have the best possible time in your holiday home.  


Posted 14th Oct 2015

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