The best of LGBTQ+ Brighton

The best of LGBTQ+ Brighton

Brighton is an open and accepting city. It is famous for being the ‘gay capital of the UK’ and has a thriving year-round scene waiting for you to get involved.


Brighton Pride is one of the biggest Pride festivals in Europe, attracting over 100,000 people for the weekend. The event gets bigger and better every year, with the flamboyant march and after party.

But Brighton Pride is not the only Pride festival in Brighton. We also have Trans Pride, celebrating the culture and the talents of the trans community.


If you like to party, then you will love Brighton. You will that find pubs, bars and clubs across the city are welcoming to openly gay couples and there is no need to stick to ‘the gay scene’. However, if you are looking to party exclusively at gay venues then you are spoilt for choice in Brighton.

From classic gay bars Doctor Brighton’s and Legends on the seafront, to lesbian pub and theatre The Marlborough, to camp karaoke at Poison Ivy, there is something for everyone.

You should out if there are any special events or nights in any of the gay bars and clubs before your trip to Brighton, as many places have special themed nights.

LGBT Events

From art, to comedy, to songs and dance, you will find many LGBT events throughout Brighton. Keep an eye on the schedule of the Gay Men’s Chorus and Bent Double, the LGBT comedy night at Komedia.

There are also plenty of seasonal events, such as Eyes Wide Open Queer Film Festival in July and the Piers and Queers gay walking tour during the Fringe Festival.

Child friendly

Of course, Brighton is not all about parting and grown up events. There is plenty in Brighton for same sex families to do. From museums, to rides on the pier, your kids will love Brighton. For any special events or to meet other families, contact Rainbow Families, who regularly organise meet-ups and events.

Getting hitched

If you are looking to get hitched or honeymoon, then Brighton is the perfect place. With a vey high number of same-sex marriages and a huge range of gay-friendly accommodation, it is the perfect city to tie the knot and celebrate your love.



Posted 29th Jun 2016

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