Brighton Kemptown

Brighton Kemptown

Kemptown is the area located between Brighton city centre and Brighton Marina. Historically Kemptown has had something of a “reputation,” as the place to go for certain “adult” activities. However, in the present day Kemptown has maintained a lot of its eclectic charm and edge while also becoming a safe and family friendly destination.

Kemptown’s gay scene

Say “Kemptown” and the gay scene is what immediately springs to mind. Brighton is the UK’s gay capital and Kemptown is where a lot of the scene is based. On and around James Street you will find many gay bars and clubs, along with the seafront, east of Brighton pier. It is a place where you can completely relax and be yourself and is very accepting and understanding. Whether you want a romantic weekend away with your partner, or to party hard and find a new partner, it is all possible in Kemptown.

Crown Gardens has plenty of gay-friendly accommodation in Kemptown, suitable for singles, couples, groups and families. Get in touch if you are looking for somewhere to stay.


If you like some alternative nightlife, then you won’t be disappointed by Kemptown. The mainstream bars and clubs are all in the centre, but Kemptown has plenty to keep you occupied. There are many gay bars and clubs, but also plenty more alternative bars and events happening.


Kemptown shopping has a very Bohemian feel. There are plenty of quirky second hand and antique shops, independent and totally delicious delis, art and design shops and, of course, many shops dedicated to the LGBT+ lifestyle.  Kemptown is the perfect place to go shopping if you are looking for an unusual gift or something to add character to your home.

Things to do

Kemptown has a selection of things to keep you busy, especially if you like sports. Yellow Wave, located on the beach front has volley ball courts, along with a brilliant café, for those who prefer to watch. The Brighton Swimming School is located in Kemptown and runs fun classes and sea swimming lessons. You are also a stone’s throw from Brighton Marina, where you will find all things nautical, such as jet ski trips, sailing and scuba diving.

Things to do for kids

There is so much to do with kids close to Brighton Kemptown. You have all the fun of the pier which is jam packed with fairground rides. The aquarium is located next to the pier, which has lots to do and even some resident sea turtles. However, if you are staying in Brighton Kemptown with your kids, then you must make sure you take them on the Volks Railway, the oldest operating electric railway in the world. It is as popular with kids now as it was when it first opened in 1883.



Posted 26th May 2017

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