Burning the Clocks

What: A festival for people of all ages that includes a parade, the burning of homemade lanterns on Brighton Beach and big display of fireworks over the English Channel
When: December 21 - the winter solstice, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Through the streets of Brighton, along North Street, Ship Street, Bartholomews, East Street and Madeira Drive. For best viewing, watch the parade arrive at Madeira Drive.
Admission: Free


Burning the Clocks started in 1995 and the event combines a family solstice lantern parade with a spectacular fire and fireworks show. Burning the Clocks is a unique community event that brings the whole city of Brighton & Hove together to mark the shortest day and ushers in the new sun. Lantern makers invest their lanterns with their wishes, hopes and fears and then pass them into the fire. Why not pop along to join in? On Friday Dec 21st 2012, the shortest day of the year, lanterns will be paraded through Brighton & passed into a huge bonfire on the beach. 

Our Lady of Light carries a shining germ of light in her warm heart. Follow her down to the sea where the tides rise and the world turns and the sun is reborn. Help carry this spark of the new sun, to sow on the beach ready for the next spring.

The solstice marks the winter turning point of the solar year, so dress up warm and come and greet the new sun! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burningtheclocks


    Posted 30th Nov 2012

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