Everything You Need To Know About North Laine

Everything You Need To Know About North Laine

Where? The Lanes? North Lane? The North Laines?

No. North Laine.

If you don’t want to be continually corrected by over-anxious residents, you should refer to North Laine as North Laine, and not forget the ‘i’ when you write it down. The word ‘Laine’ comes from the Anglo Saxon for arable fields, which is what the area was, until it was developed in the 19th century. The streets still follow a similar pattern to the original farming tracks.

North Laine is an eclectic and vibrant area, home to hundreds of independent shops and eateries. And Crown Gardens! Lovers of all things alternative should pay a pilgrimage here and revel in the offbeat fashion stores, tattoo parlours and downright delicious cafes. It is also very central and right next to the station, so very easy to get to.

You can lose hours wandering around the narrow, maze-like streets, poking around antiques stores, admiring artwork, picking up unusual items for the home and dreaming over beautiful jewellery. You can refuel at a vegan café, or head to a good old fashioned pub.

Where to go in North Laine

There are so many wonderful places in North Laine, it’s hard to narrow them down. But here are some of Crown Gardens’ top picks.


If you love a good rummage seeking hidden and forgotten treasures, then you must head to Snooper’s Paradise. Located on Kensington Gardens, this place is a never ending labyrinth of the vintage and the bizarre.


There are some incredible independent jewellery designers based in North Laine, but one of our favourites is Tribalik on Sydney Street. Their jewellery is based on tribal patterns and designs and unlike anything you are likely to find elsewhere.


Whatever your style, you will find something to suit in North Laine. From smart tailors, to cheap vintage and everything in between, so it is not for us to say what is right for you. However, we also love to pop into Tantra on Kensington Gardens, whenever we need a new gothic corset.


Take some time to fit in some pampering when you are in North Laine. Whether you want to freshen up your look, or dye your hair all sorts of whacky colours to fit in with the boho vibe, visit The Point on Trafalgar Street. This hair salon has been beautifying Brighton residents since 1998 and is still a firm favourite.


We don’t like to consider ourselves pub experts (hic!) and it really is a shame to pick just one, as all the pubs in North Laine are exemplary. However, for good food, good beer, and some tables outside to soak up the afternoon sun in a nice quiet location, try The Eagle on Gloucester Road.


If you like good coffee, then it is essential you start visiting as many North Laine cafes as you possible can. The baristas here know their mochas from their macchiatos. Perhaps the most North Laine of all the North Laine cafes is Silo on Upper Gardner Street. It’s an ethical, zero waste, well sourced, freshly cooked wonder.


Posted 1st Nov 2016

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