Get Your Geek On At The Brighton Digital Festival

Get Your Geek On At The Brighton Digital Festival

This may well be the hottest September since the beginning of time, but that hasn’t stopped the good people of Brighton crouching in darkened rooms, looking at computer screens to celebrate the Brighton Digital Festival.

I'm kidding. The Brighton Digital Festival uses the very best of digital technology to put on a huge selection of different events, for kids, adults, tech lovers and techno-phobes alike. There really is something for everyone.

Nick-named Silicon Beach, Brighton has a massive digital scene, with a whole host of tech companies and start-ups. Every September the city likes to celebrate its digital achievements with companies opening up their doors and delivering interactive events.

Here are a few fun events that visitors to Brighton might want to get involved with during the Brighton Digital Festival.

Hello Lamp Post

Feeling lonely? The Hello Lamp Post project allows you to strike up an sms conversation with lamp posts, parking meters and post boxes around the city.

Remix the museum

On Saturday 17th September, join animator Dave Packer at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and learn how to bring the museum objects to life using the power of animation. Great for kids and adults alike.

WHIST – Dance Meets Virtual Reality

Choose your own cinematic narrative in this one-of-a-kind dance performance that uses the early stages of virtual reality to give the audience a unique viewing experience.


Educating your children about the dangers of the internet is a new job that parents haven’t quite mastered yet. This puppet show is aimed at 3 – 8 year olds and is wildly entertaining, while drumming home important messages about using the internet.


Does your child rush home from school just to sit alone at the computer and play Minecraft? If so, you are not alone and you should definitely send your child to these workshops. Your kids get the chance to redesign Brighton using Minecraft, while honing their planning and development skills and socialising with other Minecraft enthusiasts.

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Posted 15th Sep 2016

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