Hen Night Ideas In Brighton

Hen Night Ideas In Brighton


Brighton is quite a cool place to have a Hen Night, it would seem. There are lots of options of things to do and places to go and it’s a friendly city to boot. Not that I really need to be telling you this; chances are if you’re reading this post you’ve already decided to have your Hen Night here. What you may not be so clear on is what to actually do to celebrate it. Various hen night packages are available via various companies which specialise in just that, but it can be more satisfying – and more personal – to arrange your own. If that sounds like too much hassle, fear not! It’s just a case of knowing what is available in Brighton & Hove and getting some ideas together. Here are some examples: (click on the blue links to be taken to the relevant pages).

Come on, all us gals loved the series, right? And we were all able to identify with a character (I was a Miranda, right down to the same hairstyle and colour!). Cocktails, classy shoes and having a good time were the order of the day in the TV series and you can recreate your very own Carrie-esque weekend. Cosmopolitans at the ready!

Crown Gardens has loads of gorgeous properties, but these ones in particular lend themselves to a bit of girlie class and have that bit of va-va-voom! Perfect for gossiping away the afternoons as you primp and pamper yourselves before heading out for a fab night:

The Hen House
Pin-Up Parlourama
Darling By The Seaside
The Glamour Parlour

Cocktails a go-go!  


Brighton has some great cocktail and wine bars: here are some of the best! (And yes, I’ve tried and tested them all. Not on the same night, I hasten to add).

Koba Cocktail Bar
Located in central Brighton, this bar has a warm and stylish ambience and – the best bit – an award-winning cocktail menu! Professional mixologists ensure that you’re drinking the very best in the South-East. The music is just loud enough so you don’t have to scream at eachother and it’s available for private hire too if you really want to push the boat out. Being so central, it’s within walking distance of the main restaurants and clubs, so no need to queue for the taxis! Cocktail prices range from £7.00 (for standard cocktails) to £8.50 (for champagne cocktails).

Bohemia Bar
Stylish, sexy, seductive ….and that’s just the barmen. Bohemia is fantastic for classy cocktail nights out. The cocktails are – literally – AMAZING. They arrive smoking! They arrive on fire! They arrive in cases for you to share! They have the wow-factor before you’ve even taken a sip. The bar itself is very glam. High heels a must. Not too high though – high heels and multiple cocktails can sometimes be a dangerous combo. Cocktail prices range from £7.50-£9.50. Pricey, yes. Worth every freakin’ penny…yes.

The Grand Hotel (Victoria Lounge, Bar and Terrace)
I love the Grand Hotel cocktail bar. I would go so far as to say it’s my fave. It’s not over-the-top glam. It’s a bit old-school –faded-glamour. But it always has a lovely atmosphere, live cocktail pianists at the weekends and great cocktails. The bar staff (all terribly well-spoken, you know) never really measure the cocktails out as they mix them, so they tend to knock your socks off after two sips. Which actually makes them good value for money. Nibbles are served free at your table, it’s fantastic for people-watching (lots of rather posh-looking people who are staying at the hotel) and the armchairs are big, cosy and rather difficult to tear yourself away from. Located smack on the seafront, the views over the sea are lovely (choose a table in the conservatory-style atrium if you want that) and it’s perfectly situated for clubs and restaurants. It’s not bling-bling-glam. But it has a glamour the other bars don’t have. Cocktail prices aren’t available online as a menu but last time I was there (a few months ago), my Singapore Sling cost me £8.00. And it was so strong, I could only manage one. Yummy.

Do It Yourself!
If you’re feeling adventurous, why not book one of our most popular Crown Jewels? Our Cocktail Masterclass allows you to become the mixologist, spending two hours making three cocktails the professional way. Located at a central Brighton venue (or the mixologist can come to your property), it’s a fab way to start your weekend and great fun to boot. Costs £400 for groups of up to 10 people and £40 per additional person.

And don’t forget……
….to book a Bare Bottomed Butler through the Crown Gardens ‘Crown Jewels’ section. Samantha Jones would never forgive you if you didn’t. Prices start at £90 for the pleasure of looking at two perfectly-formed spheres for an hour….even yummier than my Singapore Sling.

If cocktails, hangovers and wishing-you-hadn’t-had-that-extra-glass-of-wine isn’t quite your thing, you could opt for the elegant ‘ladies-who-lunch’-style hen weekend. Brighton, luckily, is perfect for this too. Think manicures, a spot of shopping, a light refreshing lunch and maybe a spot of champagne afternoon tea. Sophistication is the order of the day here.

Accommodation looking-glass.jpg
Crown Gardens has a few select properties which are perfect for elegant, classy ladies. They just ooze sophistication and girlie charm. Book and enjoy!

Parisien Parfumerie
Looking Glass Cottage
The Birdcage
Vallance Gardens

Shopaholics Of The World Unite!
Shopping is what women were born to do. That’s not sexist. It’s true. Men generally hate it and will spend as little time in a shop as possible. Women love it and will want to move in to a shop if at all possible. There are three main shopping areas in Brighton, all chock-full of fantastic shops and boutiques. Rev up your credit cards…

Churchill Square Shopping Centre
Has every shop you can think of, pretty much. Debenhams, Next, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Shuh, Accessorize, Urban Outfitters, Zara….if you can’t find what you’re looking for in Churchill Square then you’re insanely fussy. On the top level (up the escalators) there are cafes and a food court to rest your weary heels before the next onslaught. Pop outside (into Western Road) and you’ll find coffee shops, M&S, Topshop…I won’t list them all because we’ll be here all day. But basically Churchill Square and Western Road are Brighton’s shopping centrals!

North Laine
Full of small and independent shops and boutiques, the North Laine has a vibrant, unique and buzzing atmosphere. And that’s pretty much true at any time of the week, not just the weekends. Covering the roads stretching from North Street to Trafalgar Street, you’ll find quirky clothing stores, vintage shops, a FABULOUS flea market (Snoopers Paradise in Kensington Gardens – go there!!), vegetarian and vegan cafes as well as plenty of choice for the carnivores, tea shops and a really good fudge shop too (Roly’s Fudge Pantry also in Kensington Gardens). Literally shop till you drop. Only don’t drop because you still have to cover The Lanes.

The Lanes
Yep – I know what you’re thinking; all this ‘Laine/Lanes’ business is getting confusing. Don’t worry. I still have to remind myself and I’ve lived in the area for most of my life. The Lanes is about five minutes’ walk from the North Laine but the feel is very different. Whereas North Laine is quirky, retro, funky and buzzing, the Lanes is calm, relaxed, antiquey and generally more sedate. The Lanes are commonly taken to be bounded by North Street to the north, Ship Street to the west and Prince Albert Street and the north side of Bartholomew Square to the south. Note; you WILL get lost here. I still do. But it’s absolutely fine because getting lost in The Lanes is a pleasure; you’ll come out eventually but only after soaking up the old atmosphere, numerous beautiful jewellery shops, several gorgeous cafes and – Choccywoccydoodah! Located in Duke’s Street, it’s the very same as featured in the TV reality-documentary of the same name. You HAVE to go there, if only to gawp at the cakes in the window. Also in Duke Street is Hotel Chocolat and Montezuma’s chocolate shop. Duke Street is literally Death By Chocolate. My top tip: Hotel Chocolat do the BEST champagne truffles. Boy, they’re strong.

Afternoon Tea!
You’ll need a good sit down after all that so here are the best shops for tea and elegant relaxation. All are like time-machines; modern tea this ain’t! softfocuscupcakes1.jpg

Blackbird Tea Rooms
Recently opened, this is like stepping back to the 1940’s. The waiting staff wear silk dresses and make you want to run straight out and buy one yourself, the teacups are bone china and the cakes….don’t get me started. They are huge. They are delicious. They are lethal. Indulge and soak up the pre-war atmosphere. Heels and handbags a must. As is speaking in a clipped English accent.

The Mock Turtle
Another venture into past times; this tucked-away gem is beautifully eccentric; none of the teasets actually match but that doesn’t matter. Downstairs is cosy and feels like sitting in your Grandma’s parlour. Fantastic cakes, the best fruited teacakes in town, meringues of the like you will never have seen before and a cute, cosy setting. Not a place to go if you’re watching your figure. That’s why it’s so good.

Located in the vibrant Kemptown and billed as a ‘1930’s Parisien Tea Salon’, you can indulge in ‘tea cocktails’ and a glass of champagne if you’re in the mood for cakes and fizz. By now you’ll be used to stepping into tea rooms and stepping back In time. They also have a showroom here where you can browse and buy anything from chairs to teapots to loose tea. Afternoon tea is £18 per person with a mid-week discount of £16.

Primp & Pamper
No elegant ladies will want to go long without a bit of pampering, especially after all that shopping and tea-drinking (exhausting!). Girlie indulgence can be taken either at your property or whilst you’re out and about. Nails at the ready!

Turn Beautiful

Personal recommendation here; I have been to Turn Beautiful to get my nails done (gel nails) more than a few times. Jen, the owner, knows her stuff and will literally send you out of her establishment with perfectly flawless nails. Also on offer are massages, all manner of beauty treatments including facials, tanning, Dermalift body treatments and holistic treatments such as massage and reflexology. Check out their website for special offers as they change regularly.

We’ll come to you!
Of course for the ultimate in relaxation and feeling pampered, you don’t even have to leave your lovely house/apartment. Great if it’s raining….book one of Crown Gardens’ Pamper Packages and you can have the luxury of not even having to leave your living room. Each girl will be treated to 30 minutes of pamper time;

• File and polish on hands or feet.
• Mini back, neck and shoulder massage to ease tension.
Plus, for groups of 8 or more, the hen/birthday girl will receive a complimentary bottle of bubbly and an additional 30 minute treatment for free! Choose from one of the following;
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Mini Facial

Prices are £180 for groups of up to 6 and then £30 for each extra guest. Also on offer, we have ‘glamour hair’ stylists to come and give you a glamorous ‘up-do’ for your night out (£20 each). So you’ll be looking your ab-fab best once you leave for your posh restaurant.

Get Active!
All the pampering/relaxation/cream tea-eating can be perfect for some Hens. However, others may be feeling a little more energetic! Brighton & Hove caters for all levels of energy – you can always sleep it off the next day! Here’s a taste of some of the livelier activities we can offer you: dirty-dancing.jpg

Dirty Dancing
Hands up who didn’t like the film? No one? Thought so. Dirty Dancing has to be the ultimate girlie-night-in-with-your-friends-eating-too-much-chocolate film. But it can also be a fantastic prelude to the time of your life once you hit the town. Our 2-hour sessions will get you bumpin’ and grindin’ as you learn to Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Merengue. Once you’ve all got the hang of it, you can hit the clubs and show off your moves on the dance floor! Costs: £325 for groups of up to 12 guests. Additional guests - £25 per person with a surprise gift for the Hen.

Bollywood Babes
A combination of classical Indian dance, folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes with Latino and Arabic influences. Don your most colourful clothes and express yourselves like never before! Bollywood is IN – once you’ve taken this class you’ll discover why! Perfect before heading out for a curry to refuel! Costs: £325 for groups of up to 12 guests. Additional guests - £25 per person with a surprise gift for the Hen.

Burlesque Booty
Move over, Dita Von Teese!! This class will get you in the mood for all-things-saucy as well as making you look fantastic. Whatever your ability level, whatever your body shape, you’ll look amazing and feel even better. If you’ve got it, damn well flaunt it. Shake out your hair – and your feathers – and get ready for some flirty fun. Costs: £325 for groups of up to 12 guests. Additional guests - £25 per person with a surprise gift for the Hen.

Can Can Kicks
Just in case you’re not on the sofa, unable to move from all the shopping, teacakes, cocktails and pamper sessions, you might fancy performing one or two perfectly-honed high kicks. As you do.
This session is serious fun; pain from laughing is guaranteed. Kick and whoop to your hearts content with nobody to ask you to keep the noise down, please. You’ll be knackered by the end – but you’ll also have an overwhelming urge to suddenly run off to Paris to get a job at the Moulin Rouge, which would be no bad thing.  Costs: £325 for groups of up to 12 guests. Additional guests - £25 per person with a surprise gift for the Hen.

Righto, there are my suggestions for Hen weekends to remember. You could be brave/mad and do all of them. Or pick and mix like you used to do in Woolworths. Whatever you choose, have a fab time, enjoy celebrating the Hen’s last days of singledom and above all, celebrate being a girl, ‘cause being a girl totally rocks.


Posted 14th Jun 2013

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