How to add value to your holiday home

How to add value to your holiday home

For most people investing in a holiday home is a very big decision and one that you want to get right. Many holiday home owners want to enjoy the lifestyle that comes with having another income source, but unless you add real value to your holiday home it can be difficult to make a significant profit, after all the running costs. So, how do you make the most of your investment?

Stand out from the crowd

At Crown Gardens in Brighton, we offer a full interior design service for our holiday home owners. We find that properties that have real character receive many more enquiries than those that are neutral.

When people are searching for a holiday home they are looking for somewhere a bit special to spend a few days with their loved ones. Providing a theme, some fun or some luxury helps your investment to stand out from the crowd.

The chances are that you will have to renovate your holiday home anyway and it doesn’t have to cost much extra to go for a daring design instead of blank beige.


Although guests book rentals rather than hotels in order to be self-sufficient, being able to arrange activities for them can be a really nice treat. We work closely with a full range of local suppliers and organise anything from a fresh bagel delivery, to private chefs and treasure hunts of the local area.

Surprise and supplies

We ensure that all our properties are fully supplied with complimentary toiletries and even a complimentary bottle of fizz for guests. Simple added touches such as this do not cost very much, but set your holiday home apart, enabling you to charge more and get amazing reviews.

Tactical pricing

No matter how hard you market your holiday home, it is very difficult to charge your top rates during a bleak weekend in January. In fact, many holiday homes remain empty for many weeks of the year, meaning you won’t be making any money and may have to run at a loss for some periods.

This is not good for business.

Tactical pricing, special offers and discounts that are well publicised can ensure you make money all year round, rather than just during high season.

Use an experienced holiday let agency

At Crown Gardens we manage a huge range of properties in Brighton and Sussex. We use our extensive experience to ensure all our property owners get fantastic value and regular bookings. We take care of everything from the linen to the emergency call outs, so property owners can sit back and make money without having to put in all the hard work.

We go out of our way to provide a service that exceeds guests’ expectations, adding real value to your holiday home. Contact us to find out more and our friendly team can talk you through how we can help. 


Posted 18th May 2016

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