Reasons To Use A Holiday Letting Agency

Reasons To Use A Holiday Letting Agency

At Crown Gardens in Brighton we manage a wide range of holiday accommodation for individual landlords. The feedback we have from both landlords and guests is always fantastic, with our landlords always commenting on the great service we provide.

We listen to this feedback and have compiled this list of the top five reasons why landlords should use a holiday letting agency to manage their holiday home, rather than going it alone.

More time for you

Running a holiday home takes a lot of time and effort. Keeping on top of bookings, cancellations, cleaning and change overs, as well as the upkeep of the property can end up taking up a vast amount of your time. This is time that could be better spent on your day job, or enjoying yourself. A holiday letting agency already has all the systems in place for managing your property smoothly and effectively.

Reduced outgoings

We're not going to pretend that using a holiday letting agency to manage your property is free. Of course a small percentage of your profit goes to them. However, in return you receive all the management, the cleaning, the linen servicing, and marketing the property. All of which cost a lot of money without the bargaining power and network of an agency.

Less risk

Not all guests are going to be a breeze. A very small number of people will be out to try and rip you off, by not paying for their stay, cancelling last minute, or not paying for damage they have caused. Although the chances of having someone like this stay in your house is slim, it can be a very costly and very unpleasant experience. A whole world of Small Claims Courts, letters from solicitors and financial unease can open up when you least expect it.

A holiday letting agency has more authority and fighting power than an individual landlord. If a guest chooses to misbehave then they know that they will have to fight against an established company that has won battles before and has a full set of procedures and appropriate legal back-up. Using a holiday letting agency is an excellent way of protecting yourself from the stress and financial hardships that could arise.

Better marketing

Without marketing and advertising potential guests will not be able to find your property. It is in the interests of the agency to ensure you are fully booked and they will market the property for you. Marketing takes time and money to manage. An agency will give you a strong presence on the internet and present your property in the best possible light.

Market rates

A holiday letting agency always wants to get the best possible price for bookings. After all, that is how they make their money. If you manage your property yourself you can be pressurised into dropping your prices in order to compete on websites such as Airbnb. Underselling is never a good idea if you want to attract high quality guests and make the highest profit.


Posted 6th Nov 2015

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