Veggies Rejoice! And Come To Brighton

Veggies Rejoice! And Come To Brighton

There is no place on Earth that vegetarians and vegans would rather be eating, than in Brighton. Our streets are full to bursting with independent eateries and many of these will only serve vegetarian or vegan food.

Brighton has long been known as the vegetarian capital of the UK. The first vegetarian restaurant, Food For Friends, opened in 1981 and it also opened the flood gates for many more to follow. Although other towns and cities now have a scattering of vegetarian restaurants, none have the same variety and density as Brighton.

Brighton is a city that embraces ethical and alternative lifestyles. From fruitarians, to freegans, to free fall vegans we have food for you all. Even the traditional pubs and restaurants that serve meat and fish dishes have extensive vegetarian and vegan options to cater for the demand in Brighton.

As you wander around The North Laine area you will come across many places to stop for some ethical eating. On Gardner Street you will find The Loving Hut and Infinity Foods Kitchen. A favourite amongst local veg-lovers is Wai Kika Moo Kau on Kensington Gardens. For those who prefer the comfort of a traditional pub, then you should head round the corner to The Prince George on Trafalgar Street, for a full vegetarian menu and a good pint.

All over Brighton you will find delicious vegan and vegetarian places to eat. And we don’t just have extensive options for eating out, for those of you who wish to test out the kitchens in our self-catering accommodation, you can pick up your ingredients at one of our dedicated ethical supermarkets.

Infinity Foods on the corner of North Road has been selling only organic, vegetarian and vegan produce since 1971. They have one of the widest selections of virtuous and edible goods that you will ever see. And while you are visiting, don’t forget to pop into the organic, artisan bakery, tucked away at the back of the shop.

But veggies aren’t just drawn to Brighton because gluten-free vegan brownies are available on every street corner, they come here as the veggie menus are inventive, varied and delicious. Even the most merciless meat-eaters in your group will lap up food served in our vegetarian restaurants and cafes. Having so much competition in the same city means that the inspired chefs have to work extra hard to keep you coming back again and again.

*Image courtesy of Food For Friends, featuring their absolutely delicious Chargrilled courgette escabeche with roast spring onions and chilli marinated feta....which is also gluten-free.


Posted 30th Mar 2016

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