What's On In Brighton This Summer

If you're planning a visit to Brighton this Simmer, you may have a fair idea of what you're going to do.  A bit of shopping, trip to a nice restaurant, a walk along the beach and one of those whippy ice-cream cones with the Flake in it which we only ever seem to consider when we're next to a beach/at a fairground. But the beauty of Brighton is that it's no longer just a seaside resort...it has so much going on that I don't actually envy you in deciding what to do once you've finished reading this post.  Because there's a MAHOOSIVE amount going on this Summer and you will be literally spoiled for choice.  So read on and please note that we cannot be held responsible for any arguments/fights/pot-throwing which may occur between family and friends as you all squabble over the best choices for your stay.

Let's start with the obvious one....Brighton Pride 2015!  - 01 & 02 August 2015
It's a big one too - 25 years of Brighton Pride!  That makes me feel worryingly old as I remember going to the first one. This is a truly family celebration..literally everyone turns up to see the most dazzling, sparkly, sequinned parade going.  It's a bit of a tradition to dress up in as many sequins/bright colours as those taking part in the parade so take your face paints with you.  If you don't have any face paints, borrow some.  And wear comfy shoes so you can dance (or discreetly bob up and down at the very least). The parade starts from 11am at Hove Lawns and makes its way along the seafront, up by the Pavilion and along to Preston Park, where all the real fun begins.  Headlining is Fatboy Slim in Pride's biggest ever dance tent and on the main stage you'll find The Human League, Tulisa, and Miss Dynamit(eehheee!) shaking their thang. As well as some rather cool artists, you'll find fairground rides, so much food it'll rival Christmas, games and the new Pride Family Diversity Area; a non-alcohol area safe space to include a children’s playground and a wonderful Family Tent with lots of children’s entertainers and activities to enhance your Pride festivities. So there you go.  Like music?  Check.  Like eating lots of diverse and delicious food?  Check.  Like partying like a wild thing in front of huge outdoor stages?  Check.  Like painting your face and having the excuse to wear as colourful, sparkly and crazy clothes as you like?  Check.  You can't go wrong...apart from not going.
Pride Festival Preston Park 12noon – 10pm.
Early Birds Sold Out
£16.00 advance (first release)
The advance £18.50/ £21.00.(£25.00 on the day)

Paddle Round The Pier 2015
It's the bestest fun you can have in the sea.  It beats paddling with your bucket and spade, beats jumping over the waves, beats losing all lung function as you forget the inflator and have to blow up your dingy using merely your breath and beats a boring old swim.  It is actually the world's biggest free watersports festival...who knew?! 55,000 visited it last year and more are expected this year. It takes place each year on Hove's beautiful lawns and there is a whole array of things to watch or get involved with; live music, street and urban sports, performances both on land and on the water and the chance to have a go yourself and take part in 'The Paddle', where you fashion your watercraft of choice (Blue Peter eat your heart out) and take part in the race around the pier.  It's all for charity so the suggested donation is a mere £1.  Of course there are plenty of lifeguards on hand to keep everyone safe and children are strictly monitored (not as in the lifeguards are strict with them...they're just very closely watched because otherwise that wouldn't be fun at all) so it's a worry-free event for all concerned.  Personally I think the best bit is that not only do they have a main music stage, they have a UKELELE STAGE! Rock on.
Paddle Round The Pier 2015, 4 & 5 July
Hove Lawns
Free (donation required to take part in The Paddle)

Brighton Kite Festival, 11 & 12 July, Stanmer Park
This is sooo good.  I am sooo going. Basically - big beautiful park, hundreds and hundreds of professional kites, some so big they're almost scary, lots of food and music and the chance to buy and fly your own kites too.  And neck ache from looking upwards for hours on end, because these kites are so hamaaaazing that you really don't want to look anywhere else.  I go every year, so I'll see you there.  No website so just turn up.  And hope it doesn't rain.
Brighton Kite Festival, 11 & 12 July, Stanmer Park, FREE

WILDLIFE Festival, 6 & 7 June
The advance tickets for this went so quickly it looked as though it was sold out for ages but limited tickets have just been released...get 'em quick!  An amazing line-up featuring artists such as Sam Smith (yes, you read that correctly), Soul II Soul, DJ Mark Ronson, George Ezra and Annie Mac.  There is very limited information other than the fact that it is going to be packed with great artists and is very, very, very popular. It didn't sell out within hours for nothing. That's all you need to know really.
WILDLIFE Festival, 6 & 7 June, Brighton City Airport (Shoreham)

London To Brighton Bike-Ride 2015, 21 June
Thousands of scarily fit and dedicated folk taking to their bicycles for a very, very, very long ride to raise money for charity. It's the 40th year...that's a lot of aching legs. Head down to the seafront to cheer them home..it's always a great atmosphere with lots going on.  Get your clapping hands out and maybe consider having a go next year...
London To Brighton, 6 September, throughout Brighton (finish line along Madeira Place - you can't miss it).

Brunswick Town Art Fair, 28 June, Brunswick Square Gardens
If you're feeling a little bit cultured (or if you would like to feel a little more cultured) then this should be a lovely day out for you and your cultured friends.  From 11am - 6pm you can indulge in a local but very impressive showcase of sculpture, jewellery, prints, photographs and paintings.  All of it is for sale direct from the artists themselves and all of it is affordable. Free admission and plenty of nice things to eat are available too as you have a good look around. You feel cultured and you feel full...what's not to like?

UK Bungee, 11 & 12 July, Madeira Drive, Brighton
Hurrah!  You get to throw yourself off a crane and plummet 160 feet held by only a glorified elastic band!  Hurrah, hurrah! It's the ultimate adrenaline rush, apparently.  It makes you feel alive, apparently.  And not only do you get to experience that death-defying, heart-stopping freefall once...after you've bounced back up you get to do it again!  And then again! Organised by the UK's leading bungee company, you can rest assured that you'll be properly looked after. I'll be watching from the ground but I have to say that it must be quite a nice view from the top.  Every year this event draws a lot of people, so it's worth going to have a watch even if you don't want to have a jump.  You can pay on the day (£75.00 a jump...not a cheap ticket but hurrah! It's like flying!) and you'll have the biggest buzz ev-ah. So go ahead and make that jump and I'm sure you'll be glad you did it.  Nutters.
UK Bungee, 11 & 12 July, Madeira Drive (not sure exactly where...just follow the blood-curdling shrieks), £75.00 a ticket (to jump, not watch). Runs all day. 

And that's a round-up of some of the fun events going on down here this Summer.  There is actually a whole lot more, but I'll be here all week if I go through all the hundreds of attractions.  In the meantime, you can find out more about everything I haven't covered here.

Oh yes, one last thing...The Jungle Book is on at the Emporium.  July 7 - 31, performances at 2pm & 7.30pm. Go take the children and forget about your worries and your strife (yeah, man). 


Posted 5th Jun 2015

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