Sten Parties Are All The Rage

Why Joint Stag & Hen Parties Are A Growing Trend

Stag and hen parties have been growing in popularity and extravagance in recent years. Groups of all women, or all men can be seen throughout every city centre in the UK and across Europe, celebrating the up-and-coming nuptials by, errr, drinking. Mainly.

Unfortunately, they are not everyone’s tastes. Some people dread the invite of having to spend all weekend and most of their savings with a group of people they don’t know. For both stag and hen parties the atmosphere can become a bit unpleasant for some. For both stag and hen parties there can be pressure to cavort in ways that many members of the group don’t want to.

There is then the suspicion of the bride or groom that is left at home while their soon-to-be-spouse is up to who-knows-what, who-knows-where. Not the kind of thing everyone wants right before the wedding.

That is why, at Crown Gardens, we love that there has been an increase in mixed stag and hen parties (or “sten parties,” if you’re a fan of new words….) at our group houses.  

Sten parties make perfect sense. The bride and groom get to have a brilliant weekend away together with their nearest and dearest, the atmosphere doesn’t swing to any extremes and it often reduces the cost per person as resources are pooled.

Brighton is a fabulous place to hold a sten party. Crown Gardens have several group houses large enough to host a sten party, all decorated with fun groups in mind, with everything you need for a problem-free, memorable weekend.

The nightlife in Brighton has something for everyone, from large, mainstream night clubs, to cosy pubs and independent cocktail bars. There is plenty of live music, comedy clubs and other entertainment.

During the day, if your sten party doesn’t just want to explore The Lanes, laze on the beach or hit the arcades on the pier, then there are many more activities suitable for mixed groups.

We can organise treasure hunts, cooking classes, cocktail making, or more adventurous and wet activities from Brighton Marina. We are happy to advise you and arrange all your activities for you to be included in the price of the booking, making it very easy to plan.

Give us a call on 01273 358086 to find out more.



Posted 23rd Mar 2018

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