Why location is so important when investing in a holiday home

Why location is so important when investing in a holiday home

When you have decided to purchase a buy-to-let property you should realise why location is so important when investing in a holiday home.

Firstly, make sure that you buy in the best location that you can afford. In order to make the most money from your holiday home, you will want to ensure that it is occupied for as much of the year as possible. This is easiest if your property is in a great location that suits a variety of different guests.

Ease of Access

Are the transportation services to the area good? If the road/motorway and rail links can swiftly transport guests to and from your property, not just locally, but across the country to other centres of population, its appeal will be elevated, especially out of season.

Waterfront Properties

In a coastal location you want to choose a property as close to the sea as possible as these holiday homes are always in demand. Because a lot of coastal properties can be less popular in the winter months, if you want a seaside holiday home, you also want it to be close to other features that will increase its popularity during the off season, and also allow your guests to access local facilities, especially if some restaurants or attractions are closed in off peak times.

Where on the Street

Which is the most popular location within your chosen area? This can change within the length of one street, or a change of postcode, as there are always more upmarket areas that can attract the higher letting values.

Proximity to Local Amenities and Tourist Attractions

Your holiday home’s location will also allow your guests to enjoy the nightlife, food and scenery of your chosen town as well as tourist attractions. Central locations close to towns and villages are always popular as people on short weekend breaks can make the most of their time without lots of additional travelling. Being close to interesting walks, restaurants and eateries, a range of shops as well as activities such as gyms, golf courses and spas can increase appeal.


A garage or parking space is invaluable whatever the location. If your property does not have its own designated parking, this may impact on the occupancy rates. This may not be an issue in a bustling central location that is well serviced with trains, buses and taxis or everything that your guests want to involve themselves in is within walking distance. Equally, if there is no parking, but all of the other features of the holiday home are outstanding, guests may not be concerned, whereas if the property is more remote, there might be more of an issue.

Room with a View

What about the surroundings of your property? Most people wanting to come away from home for a weekend want pleasant surroundings, without certain ‘features’ to step out to see whilst there, however, if your main guests are those who will be enjoying the night life for example, this may be less of a put off for them.

At Crown Gardens we manage a wide variety of properties in Brighton and Sussex that attract visitors all year round. If you are interested in investing in a holiday home, please get in touch and we can advise you on the best locations in this area.


Posted 27th Jan 2016

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