Why Pay Extra? No Booking Fees With Crown Gardens

Why Pay Extra? No Booking Fees With Crown Gardens

“Ooh! Look at that apartment! Only £40 per night!”…….Plus the booking fee.

Booking fees are so common on major holiday websites - including AirBnb, Holiday Lettings, Expedia, Trip Advisor and Homeaway – that many people no longer even question them. Customers have become used to being charged a substantial amount of money for booking a place to stay.

At Crown Gardens, we don’t think this is acceptable, which is why we never charge a booking fee. When you book your holiday let in Brighton with us, you don’t have to pay extra.

As a local company, we do our utmost to ensure your stay is comfortable, enjoyable and great value for money. From only choosing the best properties, to providing you with complimentary toiletries, to organising extra treats for your holiday, we are proud to go the extra mile.

AirBnb charge up to 12% of the total amount on top, Homeaway charge “approximately 6%” and Trip Advisor charge up to 15%. For most people, booking a holiday is a rare, expensive treat and these fees add a significant amount to the overall cost.

Not only this, but the amount charged often seems quite random, and even holiday home owners are left in the dark, take a look at the complaint by one confused Flip Key holiday home owner. 

So don’t be fooled by the apparent discounts you receive with anonymous international web portals when you book your holiday let. Instead, phone our friendly office in the centre of Brighton and plan your great value holiday with all the assurances of a personal customer service.



Posted 7th Sep 2016

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