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Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Get your celebrations started at one of our fabulous themed dance classes. Perfect to get you in the party mood! Lots of fun and giggles guaranteed. The 2 hour dance class will take place in a central Brighton venue and you will be taught by a professional dancer with years of experience in the dance and performance industry. Perhaps you could even perform your routine again at the wedding reception!

Choose from one of the following great classes...

  • Bellydance - Shake it shake it baby! Good exercise and fun too. Comfortable shoes recommended. Feel free to adorn yourself with exotic accessories, if you wish to add a little more pizzazz to your shimmying debut! 
  • Bollywood - Learn to tell a story with your hand and body gestures, a little taste of India. Fun and very expressive, with graceful movements of the body. Why not adorn yourself in rich colours and glamorous accessories to really get a feel for this beautiful dance style and add a little taste of India to your celebrations.
  • Burlesque - An empowering art form which encourages you to embrace your femininity and be confident in expressing yourself in a sensual way. Try it out for yourself and unleash your inner Gypsy Rose Lee! High Heels and comfortable clothing recommended, however feel free to go all out in a fanciful feather ensemble if you so desire!!
  • Can-Can - A wild way to spend a couple of hours with your friends. We will teach you the cheers, the French splits and how to work in a troupe and solo. Prepare to kick in time with your pals, turn around on one foot whilst kicking and swishing your frilly skirts all at the same time – phew!
  • Dirty Dancing - Nobody puts baby in the corner! You’ve seen the movie and bought the soundtrack. Now it’s time to dazzle your friends with those infamous dirty dancing moves. We’ll teach you to Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and the irrepressible Merenge. You will definitely be having the time of your life!
  • Pole Dancing - The art of pole dancing is glamorous, sexy and empowering. A strengthening cardio workout without you even realising it, what more could a sassy girl want! High heels and shorts required. No body lotion!

Slots are 12-2pm / 2-4pm / 4-6pm / 6-8pm subject to availability.

£325 for groups of up to 12 guests.
Additional guests - £25 per person