Where to be naked in Brighton

Where to be naked in Brighton

Brighton is known for being a very liberal city. It is the gay capital of the UK, elected the first Green Party MP, has endless vegetarian and vegan restaurants and also has many opportunities where people can get their kit off.

If you prefer that both you and everyone around you is fully clothed, I don’t want you to worry - you have to go out of your way to find the nudist spots, so you won’t be bumping into nudists willy-nilly (ahem.) However, if you do like to feel the breeze upon your behind, then you will be pleased to know that Brighton will fully welcome you.

Brighton’s Nudist Beach

The area of beach, known locally as Black Rock has been an unofficial nudist beach since the dawn of time. It became an official nudist spot in the 1970s, when it was situated way out of the centre of town.

However, since then Brighton Marina has been well and truly developed, so the beach is now close to some amazing restaurants, bars and shops and has a very central feel. To get to the beach, head about 1 mile east from Brighton pier towards the Marina. It is clearly signed when you get there.

It is a popular spot in the summer months and you can enjoy some excellent sunbathing and swimming. The pebbles may take some getting used to if you normally go to sandy beaches, but you will learn to love them when you realise that you don’t have to put up with sandy sandwiches.

Naked Bike Ride

Brighton has its fair share of both cyclists and nudists and once a year the two combine and merge into one for the spectacular Naked Bike Ride.

Generally taking place in June each year, the bike ride has been a huge success since its launch in 2016. Attracting up to 1000 cyclists, the event completes a circuit of the city centre before heading to the nudist beach for a spot of skinny dipping.

Entrants can be completely nude or covered and you will see some artistic and funny costumes and accessories.

With full permission from Sussex Police and a brilliant party atmosphere, this event is not to be missed if you have always wanted to bare all on the city streets.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa

Bristol Gardens is a fully nude spa, clothing is strictly forbidden for all customers, although staff are clothed. With beautiful décor and sumptuous treatments available it is the perfect place for any keen naturist to unwind after a hard day of having to wear clothes.

Naked Yoga

Nothing is more relaxing than yoga, or being naked. So why not combine the two? On 19th June you can go to Body Happy in Hove and part in a full 90 minute naked yoga session that features key poses, breathing and meditation. 

Alternative Nightlife

As well as the beaches and the biking Brighton is famous for its nightlife. If you like your nights out to be a little on the alternative side then you won’t be disappointed. Keep an eye out for various events and fetish nights that allow you to dress (or undress) however you wish. 


Posted 17th May 2016

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