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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note we do not accept guests under the age of 25 years of age.

1. What is included in the rental cost: Towels, cleaning materials, loo rolls etc?

The cost of your holiday home includes - towels, bed linen, all utility charges (water, electricity & gas). One toilet roll per bathroom will be provided for your arrival. Also provided are basic cleaning products for guests use like toilet cleaner, antibacterial spray, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, some scourers and cloths.
However, depending obviously on the length of the booking and the use made of it, we cannot always assure this will all last for the whole stay.

2. Can I book a 1 night stay?

Our minimum stay is 2 nights and is priced accordingly. You are welcome to stay just 1 night but there is no reduction in the price.

3. What are the charges for booking?

You must pay a non-refundable service fee of between £10 and £25 per person according to the property you have booked. This service fee helps us run our secure platform and offer housekeeping support over the duration of your stay and give you the peace of mind that your transaction is safe. The service fee covers the administrative booking process and all communications with our teams as well as housekeeper administration. Regrettably it is always non refundable. Please note if your guest numbers decrease, this fee is non-refundable.

4. How do I collect keys and arrange Check in?

You will be sent all your check in details after you have paid your Security Deposit. Please follow the instructions as advised on your Security Deposit confirmation in order to arrange key collection. Your security deposit is due 14 days prior to arrival. We will send a  payment request.

5. What are the Check in/Check Out times?

Check in time is from 3pm on your day of arrival and Check out is 10.30am on your day of departure. Please note these times may vary slightly depending on the property and due to increased cleaning times in high season.

5a. Can I have an earlier Check in or later Check out?

Earlier Check in or later Check out maybe possible, nearer to the time of arrival depending on housekeeper rotas, usually finalised 2 weeks before your arrival. You can arrange your check in and out times with your Property Manager - contact details will be provided in your Security Deposit confirmation email

6. How do I return keys?

With regard to key return, when you check out please follow the instructions given by your Property Manager. Please note a charge of £50 will be taken from your booking deposit if these are not left at the property. The property manager checks that all sets of keys are left on departure at each property. Where multiple properties are booked together you must remember to leave the keys at each particular property and not mix up the keys!

7. Are last minute bookings discounted?

Yes, some properties participate in a late booking scheme. Some properties can be discounted at a higher rate, but this must be agreed prior to booking.

8. What is not included?

The rental price excludes holiday insurance which we strongly recommend you take out. Neither Crown Gardens nor the Property Owner accepts any liability for guests' possessions whilst in the holiday home, or refund of the booking cost due to accident or illness.

9. Parking

Parking information is listed under each property on the website, some properties have on site parking included in the price, others have voucher parking. Other properties regrettably have no parking available but we provide links to parking information nearby to your holiday home. For those properties which have parking vouchers available, these must be booked and paid in advance. Crown Gardens Ltd accepts no responsibility for your parking arrangements.

10. Can I smoke in the properties?

All of the properties are non smoking sorry! Where there are outside areas you can smoke here but please use the receptacles provided. Regrettably if the cleaners or the property manager finds that guests have been smoking due to cigarette odours at the property after you check out, a minimum of £150.00 may be taken from your deposit.

11. Are Crown Gardens properties checked for fire safety?

All our properties are regularly checked by East Sussex Fire and Rescue to comply with the latest regulations. They are safe and secure for your stay. We work together with landlords to ensure fire doors, alarms and smoke detectors are in place, together with electrical appliance testing and gas safety checks.

12. What if I find damage upon my arrival to my holiday home?

If on arrival you notice damage to the property, please call the Property Manager or Crown Gardens who will record the details. Any damage must be reported on your day of your arrival.

13. What if there is damage to the Holiday Home during my stay?

Any damage must be reported immediately to either the Property Manager or directly to Crown Gardens. The holiday home renter is responsible for making sure there is no damage to the property. Crown Gardens reserves the right to withhold your security deposit for any damage and/or excessive cleaning. You will be notified within 7 working days of departure should this be the case.

14. Who do I call if there is an emergency?

You will be given your Property Managers number in case of any problems that arise at the property.

Should you make any unnecessary call out to the Property Manager or any other party then a call-out charge of £60 will apply.

15. What happens if you need to change my booking?

In the event that the holiday home you have booked becomes unavailable, due to circumstances beyond our control, then you will be offered alternative accommodation or a full refund. In the event that no suitable accommodation can be found for you then a full refund will be made. Any refund is limited to the rental cost and we are not liable for any cancellation charges incurred for travel arrangements etc.

16. What happens if I cancel? What are the charges?

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit plus service fee is required to secure a reservation. The balance is payable 56 days prior to arrival and non-refundable after the due date. If you wish to switch your booking to another property, this will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking, the normal cancellation charges will apply. If you booked using the Flashsale or any other promotions where the total balance was paid at the time of booking, the balance in non-refundable.

17. COVID-19 Policy

There are currently no government restrictions in place in relation to holidays in self-catering properties in England.

Please rest assured that if it is impossible for you to take your booked holiday due to legal restrictions after the end of the national lockdown, then the options set out below will be available to you. If there are no legal restrictions in place at the date your booking is due to start our normal terms and conditions will apply. 

Brighton Head Office working practices COVID-19 statement

We supply handwash, paper towels and sanitiser in our offices. Our offices and communal areas are professionally cleaned and sanitised weekly.  Every staff member has the ability to work from home so in the event of an office closure, school closures or if self-isolation is necessary everyone's work will be unaffected. Whilst usual office hours may change with staff working from home we can assure you that our usual daily tasks will be completed every day as usual.  We have a call answering and transfer service that is active 7 days per week as well as our online chat and guest support which we have been assured, will remain unaffected.

Housekeeping, Linen and Hygiene

  1. Cleaners are instructed to avoid travel using public transportation where possible.
  2. Delivery drivers and cleaners disinfect their hands before entering the company premises- and before leaving the premises. 
  3. Our Cleaners are being asked to disinfect door handles and their own hands before entering the client’s premises. 
  4. Our Cleaners are being asked: - to wear face masks and gloves which must be worn throughout their time on the client’s premises. - To clean cleaning supplies such as disinfectant bottles, by wiping them down with disinfectant before leaving the premises.
  5. All linen and towels will be washed and dried in temperatures of 65°C to ensure disinfection. And they are washed in an antibacterial solution to kill germs
  6. Any staff members whose tasks can be carried out remotely will be asked to work from home until further notice.
  7. All surfaces and areas are being washed down with antibacterial sprays to kill germs 
  8. We will routinely monitor guidelines established and advised by the NHS to ensure our processes and procedures are in-line with risk-mitigating measures.

17. Hot Tub Terms and Conditions


1.) Crown Gardens will not be held liable for any damage, accidents, injuries or death caused by misuse of our tubs; this includes falling over on wet surfaces or falling in or out of the hot tub etc. We will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or death caused by misuse of alcohol or drugs whilst using our hot tubs. We highly recommend you DO NOT use a hot tub on your own. We also recommend consulting your GP before hiring our hot tubs if you have any medical condition or are pregnant. Again we will not be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of wages or death in these circumstances.. Customers should note that all tubs are regularly PAT tested, complete with RCD if required.

Chemicals Your health is of up most importance to us. Our tub is thoroughly cleaned before each new hire period this is done using detergent and bacteria killer.

Hot Tub Do’s and Don’ts

The customer must agree to the following conditions set out by Crown Gardens or the hire will be terminated and we will not be held responsible for non-compliance.

DO NOT allow children of any age to play in or around the hot tub unsupervised – risk of drowning.

DO NOT have any mains electrical appliances near the hot tub, please ensure that any electrical appliances including lights/music systems etc are a minimum of 6 metres away to avoid any risk of electrocution.

DO NOT consume excess alcohol whilst using the hot tub.

PLEASE DO take a shower before using the hot tub,  especially if you have tanned before your weekend!!

PLEASE DO wash or wipe your feet before entering the hot tub to prevent dirt/debris getting into the water.

DO NOT make excess noise after 10.30pm. The house is situated in a residential area and if we receive noise complaints your security deposit will be at risk. Please respect the neighbours, thankyou.

DO NOT use the hot tub if you have taken any prescription medication that could make you drowsy or if you have taken any recreational drugs that could impair your judgement.

DO NOT use any glasses/bottles in the hot tub, please only use plastic

DO NOT do not dive into the hot tub

DO NOT add anything to the water including bubble baths/detergents/dyes etc

DO NOT use the hot tub in any way that could damage it. This includes sitting on the cover, standing or sitting on any of the motor housing or standing or sitting on any of the filter covers. Any breakages will be charged to the hirer and failure to compensate Crown Gardens Ltd will result in a claim being made to the Small Claims Court.

PLEASE DO ensure the thermal cover is put on the hot tub when it isn’t being used.


Limits of our liability

If the hot tub breaks down or stops working we will determine the problem as soon as possible after you have reported it to us, and then try to repair it as soon as possible. Please note we will not provide any compensation if the issue is out of our control. We will not be responsible for any damage caused to your property or persons.