Where to walk your dog in Brighton

Where to walk your dog in Brighton

At Crown Gardens, we have a wonderful selection of holiday cottages and self catering houses where dogs are welcome. Taking your dog on holiday is easier, cheaper and more enjoyable than leaving your four-legged friend in a kennels, or asking friends or family to look after them.

When you book your dog-friendly holiday to Brighton, you (and your dog) will be anxious to find the best places to take them for a walk. The good news is that there are plenty of places that are perfect for dog walks in and around Brighton.


There are plenty of parks in Brighton for you and your dog to explore during your stay. Preston Park consists of 63 acres of green space just a stone’s throw from the city centre. It is a lovely park for either a quick stroll or a longer walk.

Slightly further out of the city you will find Stanmer Park, which has huge areas of parkland and woodland. It is a very popular area for dog walkers in Brighton.


Of course, there is no place a dog loves more than a beach and Brighton has plenty of beaches for you to enjoy. If you are visiting Brighton from 1st October to 30th April, you are free to walk your dog on all Brighton beaches, this means that you can go a very long way, if you have the energy!

However, during the summer months some parts of the beaches become very busy and dogs aren’t allowed. There are still plenty of beaches that you can take your dog, so check the council website for the full list and map. If you are unsure then keep an eye out for signs at the entrances to the beaches.

If you do take your dog to the beach, then please be aware that all along the South Coast we have occasional deposits of palm oil wash up. When large deposits are found the council and coast guard tend to announce it, however, please be vigilent for a congealed white substance. It will smell rancid, but dogs will still eat it and although it is unlikely to do serious harm to a healthy dog, it is common for dogs to suffer from vomiting or diarrhoea after eating it. You can find more information on the council website.

The open countryside

When you stay in Brighton you are just a short drive away from the spectacular scenery that the South Downs has to offer. There are acres upon acres of open countryside dotted with villages (and village pubs). There are routes to satisfy even the keenest of hikers. Pick up a map and plan your route. You will feel a million miles from the city and your dog will be very grateful that you chose to come on holiday to Brighton.  


Posted 5th May 2016

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