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Key workers  Brighton and Bournemouth

Key Worker and Isolation Safe Stays

Many of our properties are available for key worker and isolation stays during the pandemic.

Accommodation in Brighton and Bournemouth for Key Workers

Here, we’re making a list of holiday accommodation owners who are able to offer temporary accommodation in Brighton and Bournemouth to people classed as Key Workers and those needing to shield.

All our properties are cleaned in line with government guidelines.

Normal holiday prices would not apply.

If you’re a Key Worker with specific needs, we can offer preferential rates for your stay.

Housekeeping, Linen and Hygiene
 1. Cleaners are instructed to avoid travel using public transportation where possible.

 2. Delivery drivers and cleaners disinfect their hands before entering the company premises- and before leaving the premises. 

3. Our Cleaners are being asked to disinfect door handles and their own hands before entering the client’s premises. 

4. Our Cleaners are being asked: - to wear face masks and gloves which must be worn throughout their time on the client’s premises. - To clean cleaning supplies such as disinfectant bottles, by wiping them down with disinfectant before leaving the premises.

 5. All linen and towels will be washed and dried in temperatures of 65°C to ensure disinfection. And they are washed in an antibacterial solution to kill germs

 6. Any staff members whose tasks can be carried out remotely will be asked to work from home until further notice.

7. All surfaces and areas are being washed down with antibacterial sprays to kill germs 

 8. We will routinely monitor guidelines established and advised by the NHS to ensure our processes and procedures are in-line with risk-mitigating measures.

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